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SubjectRe: Serial, 115Kbps, 2.2, 2.4
Actually, I do have a similar problem that I've been unable to track down
100%. Under 2.4.x when I run the modem on my Xircom Cardbus 10/100
Ethernet/56K Modem combo card (installed in a Dell 5000e with 650Mhz Pentium
III) I get a fair number of dropped packets at 115Kbps, enough to cause
problems and a significant speed decrease. Simply dropping the serial port
rate to 56K seems to solve the problem. I'm actually suspicious that the
hardware handshaking isn't working quite right, but I haven't take the time
to look at it.

I never noticed the problem under 2.2.x, but the last kernel I ran from that
era was the 2.2.16 kernel included with Redhat 7. I've really not looked at
it very hard, backing the speed down to 56K was a good enough solution for
me for now, the Xircom has such a troublesome history that I just blamed it
on that but your report makes me more curious.


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