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SubjectRe: Asus CUV4X-D, 2.4.3 crashes at boot
Hi all,

> However, the machine now crashes at "Configuring Kernel Parameters" during
> rc initialisation:
> Welcome to Red Hat Linux
> Press 'I' for interactive startup
> Mounting /proc filesystem... [ OK ]
> Configuring Kernel Parameters...
> This is if I type "linux noapic" at the Lilo boot prompt.
> Also, what do I lose by running with noapic?

Just discovered the above is not quite correct - it actually says [ OK ]
after Configuring Kernel Parameters, and crashes on the next line.

Reading through /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, the next line is where it sets the
system clock. If I comment out the line:

/sbin/hwclock $CLOCKFLAGS

Then the system will boot OK with 'noapic'. So presumably the system RTC is
not accessed in a SMP-compatible way without APIC.

Anyway, I'm not too happy about having to run without APIC - seems more of a
workaround than a fix. I'm happy to test patches etc if anyone has any
ideas - this problem I presume affects all motherboards using the VIA 694XDP

Thanks in advance,

Simon Garner

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