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LA Walsh <> writes:

|> I have a question. Some architectures have "system calls"
|> implemented as library calls (calls that are "system calls" on ia32)
|> For example, the expectation on 'arm', seems to be that sys_sync
|> is in a library. On alpha, sys_open appears to be in a library.
|> Is this correct?
|> Is it the expectation that the library that handles this
|> is the 'glibc' for that platform or is there a special "kernel.lib"
|> that goes with each platform?
|> Is there 1 library that I need to link my apps with to
|> get the 'externs' referenced in "unistd.h"?
|> The reason I ask is that in ia64 the 'syscall' call
|> isn't done with inline assembler but is itself an 'extern' call.
|> This implies that you can't do system calls directly w/o some
|> support library.

Don't use kernel headers in user programs. Just use syscall(3).


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