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SubjectRe: Minor 2.4.3 Adaptec Driver Problems
> Umm.  This isn't an aic7xxx driver problem at all.  The SCSI layer
> determines the order of bus attachment *amongst* the various
> SCSI HBA (or SCSI HBA like) drivers in the system. In this case,
> it has decided to probe your IDE devices as SCSI devices first.
> Why it does this I don't really know (link order perhaps???). One
> way around this would be to put your IDE driver into an initial
> ram disk and compile the aic7xxx driver directly into the kernel.

My IDE and AIC7xxx drivers are compiled in to the kernel. I normally conpile
system dependent drivers into the kernel and leave the rest modules when

> This should force the system to assign the devices the other way
> around.

In all prior versions of the kernel 2.4.3 I have never had this problem. I
have both 2.4.2 & 2.4.3 and when booting from one to the other 2.4.2 orders
my SCSI id's correctly and 2.4.3 doesn't.

It really wouldn't make a big deal but I consider my cdroms and zip drives
to be removable devices and if I ever decided to remove my zip my scsi ids
will change. Removing a harddrive is not the same as removing a zip!

Are there other people with the same problem?


If you need any more info don't hesitate to ask.

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