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SubjectRE: New directions for kernel development
So according to the below, Linux development should be considered an
environmental hazard? Maybe it is in the best interest of Planet Earth that
we should provide some safe place, possibly some South Pacific island, where
we could set up a quarrantine camp for hardcore linux developers. All of
their needs would be provided for, of course, since it is not their fault
they are afflicted with this problem. Someplace near an undersea fiber link
would most likely be best since their activities will need to be closely
monitored at all times and instant global communication of their "progress"
is vital.

Judging from the pasty faces of many Linux developers, sunshine might be the
perfect remedy.

I say the UN should get right on this problem straight away!

> Secondly, I'd like to address the issue of cleanliness.
> Quite frankly, the
> standards of personal hygiene practiced by many members of this community
> are simply unacceptable.

> I am sorry to sound so harsh, but a little hygiene every once in a
> while is a Good Thing(TM).

> Alan views toothpaste the same way a vampire views garlic.

> I have nearly fainted from the torrent of rotten odor that pours
> from every inch of his toxic person.

> If you have to meet with
> ESR for any reason, arrange for the meeting to be outdoors and try to stay
> upwind.

> Please read the FAQ at

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