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SubjectRe: scsi bus numbering
Peter Daum wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Douglas Gilbert wrote:
> [...]
> > >>>>>>>>> scsihosts <<<<<<<<<<<<<
> >
> > As a boot time option try:
> > scsihosts=aic7xxx:ncr53c8xxx
> > or if you are using lilo, in /etc/lilo.conf add:
> > append="scsihosts=aic7xxx:ncr53c8xxx"
> that does indeed change the bus numbering. Unfortunately, even
> with this option, the first disk on the ncr controller becomes
> "/dev/sda" ...

This indicates that the method being used by the
new aic7xxx driver for initialization is broken
with respect to other scsi adapters.

The intent is that all built in HBA drivers are
initialized _before_ the built in upper level
drivers (e.g. sd). To get the effect you describe
the driver init order seems to have been:
register ncr53c8xxx
register sd
register aic7xxx # too late ...

Doug Gilbert
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