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SubjectRe: Version 6.1.6 of the aic7xxx driver availalbe
"Justin T. Gibbs" wrote:

> >"Justin T. Gibbs" wrote:
> >
> >> >I upgraded to 2.4.3 from 2.4.1 today and I get a lot of recovery on the scs
> >i
> >> >bus.
> >> >I also upgraded to the "latest" aic7xxx driver but still the sam problems.
> >> >A typical revery in my logs.
> This really looks like you bus is not up to snuff. We timeout during
> a write to the drive. Although the chip has data to write, the target
> has stopped asking for data. This is a classic symptom of a lost signal
> transition on the bus. The old driver may have worked in the past
> because it was not quite as fast at driving the bus. 2.2.19 uses the
> "old" aic7xxx driver but includes some performance improvements over 2.2.18.
> The new driver has similar improvements. Check your cables. Check
> your terminators. Etc.

I dont think so. The system is very simple. On the 50 pin Fast scsi there is the
And on the Ultra2 device the IBM harddrive. On the cable there is a terminator.
(This is the cable from ASUS delivered with the motherboard. Is a balanced pair
cable.) On the
harddrive there is a strap for termination and in the BIOS there is a swich
for ternination. The strip is off. (I have tryed on also) And the BIOS controlled
termination is ON. I have tryed all permutations! But I have found a workaround.
The wide scsi was not in use and have the same connector so I moved the
harddriv to that bus and now everything works with 2.4.3. Or at least
for a half an hour... But the drive is a LVD and should be on the Ultra2

> --
> Justin


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