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    SubjectRe: APM battery status reporting
    > > tested in previous kernels. Then again my dmesg says the BIOS is
    > > buggy (same BIOS though as mentioned in those posts). Apmd does notice
    > > change from mains to battery and vice versa (I have disabled Speedstep
    so now
    > > everything actually survives this transition :-).
    > > So to end all the confusion, is there a patch out there that enables
    > > status reporting for me (and other Dell owners :-) ?
    > Yes but the update you need is a new BIOS revision. Ask Dell

    The BIOS update has been around forever from Compal (the people who actually
    OEM the unit for Dell), you can get their generic BIOS at This probably violates your Dell warranty but I
    know many who use it and we've now installed it on all the 5000e systems we
    own, without any problem.

    I'm not sure why Dell is taking so long to get an update to it consumers,
    but it probably has something to do with the fact that Linux isn't a
    supported platform on this machine. Their official stance appears to be
    "APM isn't supported on this laptop, only ACPI." That's pretty bogus since
    everything but this one system call works, and even that works with the
    Compal generic BIOS, so I'd more likely guess it's just not high on the
    priority list because it's not important enough for their largest user base
    which is of course Windows.


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