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Subjectnfs mount result in invalid operand:000 (on 386 only)
Hi, I have recently been given an old 386 PC, I haven't got a hard disk 
for it, just a floppy and a network card, so I decided to create a boot
disk for it, and then using nfs connect to one of my two pentium (which
run RedHat 6.2) and work like that. I made a boot disk and with the
linux 6.2 kernel and a root image, I tested on one of my pentium with the
other pentium as an nfs server, it is working fine. However when i tryed
it on the 386 things started to go wrong:
1- when the kernel was booting i was getting: Checking if this processor
honours the WP bit even in supervisor mode... No. Kernel panic: This
Kernel doesn't support CPU's with broken WP. Recompile it for a 386!
In swapper task - not syncing so i recompiled the kernel as explained in
Kernel Howto and enable 386 support
2- Now the kernel boot on the 386 but when i try to use mount to
connect to the nfs server I get invalid operand: 000. Using strace i had a
closer look to find out at what point mount was buging here is what i am
getting: .....
mount("boggus:/home/export", "/mnt/temp/", "nfs", 0xc0ed0000,
0x8057660) = -1 ENOSYS mount("boggus:/home/export",
"/mnt/temp/", "nfs", 0xc0ed0000, 0x8057660invalid operand: 0000
I have to say I don't know what to do now? did somebody solve that
problem before? what else can i try to do to find out where the problem
is comming from? thanks for any help regards

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