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SubjectRe: Question: fs meta data, page cache and locking

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Anton Altaparmakov reposted:

> >But user space will never see metadata pages anyway, so you
> >should be the only one, who cares about them. Just be prepared to
> >writepage() and readpage() and the like.

ITYM ->prepare_write()/->commit_write().

See for example of
metadata in pagecache. For deeper metadata (== stuff that can
be needed to access with some pages locked, in case of ext2 that
would be indirect blocks, inode/block bitmaps and group descriptors)
you need to set ->gfp_mask of address_space to prohibit IO on
allocation. See drivers/block/loop.c - it has to do the same to
->i_mapping of underlying file.

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