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SubjectRe: IDE bug in 2.4.2-ac12?
Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 09:01:15AM +0100, Konrad Stopsack wrote:
> > Do you mean the Power Supply Unit? Or the Program Storage Unit? ;-)
> Power Supply Unit, yes.
> > To answer to your questions:
> > - I haven't tried to remove the CD-ROM because both devices shall
> > together
> > - the ZIP doesn't cause problems when just the power cable is
> >
> > Although my PC has only got an old Baby AT 200W power supply I don't
> think
> > that's the point.
> I don't see any other way how the ZIP could have impact on the IDE HDD
> on a different IDE interface.
The 82c586b can be a chip with locked-together IDE controllers, can't it?

> If you wonder why /proc/ide/via reports slower DMA rates for the HDD
> when the ZIP is connected is because the auto slowdown code kicks in and
> lowers the transfer rate when too many CRC errors happen.

Well, and what should I do now? I really need the ZIP drive.
Try without CD-ROM? Buy new ATX case with 300W power supply? And new
motherboard? And new processor? And ... and ... and?
Isn't there a chance to unlock the IDE channels (if they are locked)?
Remember, I've heard about a Windows patch to do this.

Paul, what did you find out?

cu Konrad

Konrad Stopsack -

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