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On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:
> "J . A . Magallon" wrote:
> > Try this:
> This is the better fix.

I'm interested in the thinking here (because I tend the other way).

With J.A.M.'s patch blessed by Andrew, #ifdef CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE
goes around do_BUG() in fault.c, around its extern declaration in
page.h, and around its export in i386_ksyms.c. Which stops compiling
do_BUG() into an ndef CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE kernel.

But I have an interest in compiling (some) modules once to run with
different configurations of base kernel - and I'd expect the makers
of Linux distributions to have a similar interest. Just how many
versions of a driver do you need to build for your distribution?

My main concern is to let modules be independent of HIGHMEM config:
to which end I'd like one day (not imminent) to submit a patch in
which even CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM kernel would have stubs for kmap_high()
and kunmap_high(), to allow CONFIG_HIGHMEM modules to be linked in.

Of course there's a limit to how far such a programme should go,
but I don't think we should add CONFIG obstacles so cheaply avoided.
I'd prefer a module built with CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE to link into
a kernel built without CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE i.e. source as in -ac14,
but the #ifdef CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE moved down one line in page.h.

Am I a heretic?


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