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SubjectQuestions - Re: [PATCH] documentation for mm.h
At 22:33 07/03/2001, Rik van Riel wrote:
> typedef struct page {
>+ struct list_head list; /* ->mapping has some page lists. */
>+ struct address_space *mapping; /* The inode (or ...) we belong to. */
>+ unsigned long index; /* Our offset within mapping. */

Assuming index is in bytes (it looks like it is): Shouldn't index of type
unsigned long long or __u64? Otherwise, AFAICS using the page cache
automatically results in an artificial 4Gib limit on file size, which is
not very good, even by todays standards.

>+ * During disk I/O, PG_locked is used. This bit is set before I/O
>+ * and reset when I/O completes. page->wait is a wait queue of all
>+ * tasks waiting for the I/O on this page to complete.

Is this physical I/O only or does it include a driver writing/reading the page?



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