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Subject2.4.2-acX and reiserfs

I'm 99.9% certain that those patches referred to have been merged with the
latest 2.4.2-acX, but just to make it 100% certain I'm asking this question.
At, the reiserfs website, I read:
"Latest patch for linux-2.4.2 contains fixes for tail conversion bug,
preallocated block leakage, object id sharing problem, dir fsync bug and
other minor fixes/improvements."
Have _all_ those fixes gone into the latest ac-patch? (I saw references to
"tail conversion fixes" and "dir fsync bug" in Alan's Changelog, but I
didn't find all of them so I'm not sure. :-)
The reason of why I'm wondering is that I've been having serious trouble
with reiserfs, and when I'm going for a new fresh installation I want to be
100% sure that all fixes have been merged.
So I would really appreciate a confirmation that all fixes have been merged,
so I won't have to worry. :-)

Please reply to this email-address: (as I'm not subscribed
to the Linux kernel mailing-list as of now).

Thanks a lot,
Ole André

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