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SubjectRe: Questions about Enterprise Storage with Linux

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Tom Sightler wrote:

> The questions that have been asked are as follows (assume 2.4.x kernels):
> 1. What is the largest block device that linux currently supports? i.e.
> Can I create a single 1TB volume on my storage device and expect linux to
> see it and be able to format it? should clear up

> 2. Does linux have any problems with large (500GB+) NFS exports, how about
> large files over NFS?

See above

> 3. What filesystem would be best for such large volumes? We currently use
> reirserfs on our internal system, but they generally have filesystems in the
> 18-30GB ranges and we're talking about potentially 10-20x that. Should we
> look at JFS/XFS or others?

I am not sure what you intend this application for. If it is mission
critical in any way shape or form, I would still recommend using something
like Veritas (which unfortunately is not ported to Linux yet). I have
heard good things about XFS although I have not had the chance to use it

> 4. We're seriously considering using LVM for volume management. Does it
> have size limits per volume or other limitations that we should be aware of?
> I'm sure these answers are out there, but I haven't been able to find
> definitive answers (it seems everyone has a different answer to each
> question). Any assistance in pointing me to the correct information would
> be greatly appreciated.

Have fun and do post your findings back to l-k. I would be interested in
hearing what you end up with.


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