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SubjectRe: 2.4.2 ext2 filesystem corruption ? (was 2.4.2: What happened ?(No

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Ben Greear wrote:

> I see it differently: If it's possible for the driver to protect the
> user, and it does not, then it strikes me as irresponsible programming. If
> there is a reason other than 'only elite users are cool enough to tune
> their system, and they never make mistakes', then that's ok, but I have
> not heard that argument yet.

*users* have no business changing the system configuration. End of story.
Again, if somebody doesn't read manpages before doing stuff under root -
no point trying to protect him. He will find a way to fsck up, no matter
how many "safety" checks you put in. BTW, that's the first time I've seen
"elite" used as a term for "able to understand the meaning of words 'use
with extreme caution'". Oh, well...

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