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SubjectRe: 2.2.x kernels not filling in siginfo_t.si_addr on SEGV?
Greetings, and thank you so much for your helpful reply!  Was this on
an i386? I'm specifically looking for a way to do his on arm, alpha,
and sparc, and I don't believe they have the cr2 member of struct
sigcontext. Any info you might have, including where you found this
solution, would be appreciated!

Take care,

David Watson <> writes:

> > Greetings!  Shouldn't a SIGSEGV fill in th si_addr member of the
> > siginfo_t structure passed to a signal handler?  Here is what I see
> Our group ran into this problem last summer while we were developing the
> Oasis+ DSM system. We worked around it by utilizing the following code
> fragment:
> void fault_handler(int sig, siginfo_t *sip, ucontext_t *ucp)
> {
> void *addr;
> addr = (void *) ucp->uc_mcontext.cr2;
> ...
> }
> Hope that helps.
> Regards,
> David
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