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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: Microsoft begining to open source Windows 2000?

> > It seems to me this might be an opportunity...
> Or a trap. I'm not about to go anywhere near this and won't even look at
> the licience but I bet the M$ argument will go something like:
> You've looked at the code.
> You now know things that are propriatary to M$.
> You are not allowed to apply it to anything outside M$.
> Stop working on those free sources the forbidden knowledge might leak.
> You have me assimilated.

If you're really worried, have the person with access to the MS code
write a patch, and then have someone without access to the MS code
reimplement the patch. Make sure that all that is taken from the orignially
written patch are ideas and algorithms, not actual code.

Of course, you would still have to carefully read the actual license
before deciding on the correct isolation scheme.


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