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SubjectRe: kernel lock contention and scalability
From said:
> On a uniprocessor system, a simple fallback is to just use a semaphore
> instead of a spinlock, since you can guarantee that there's no point
> in scheduling the current task until the holder of the "lock" releases
> it.

Yeah, that works. But I'm not all that interested in compiling UML
differently for UP and SMP hosts.

> Otherwise, the spin calling sched_yield() each iteration isn't too
> horrible.

This looks a lot better. For UML, if there's a thread spinning on a lock,
there has to be a runnable thread holding it, and that thread will get a
timeslice before the spinning one (assuming that the thread holding the lock
hasn't called a blocking system call, which is something that I intend to make
sure can't happen).

> > That sounds like a pretty fundamental (and abusable) mechanism.
> It would be if it were generally available. The implementation on
> DYNIX/ptx requires a privilege (PRIV_SCHED IIRC), to be able to use
> it.

OK, that makes sense.


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