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SubjectRe: kernel BUG doing sysrq-t on 2.4.2-ac14
Vibol writes:
> While testing to see if SYSRQ-T would print the entire tasklist, a kernel
> bug popped up. All I have is the tasklist up to the point where the bug
> showed up.

Actually, if you look closely, there is an OOPS report in there at the
end as well. Unfortunately, since the tasklist output also looks like
an OOPS, it is basically impossible to extract.

> [<c01e071d>] [<c01e079b>] [<c013cd93>] [<c013NceMIf5 W>]a tch<4d>og[<
> cde
> 01t0ec95t5ed7> L]O CK
> UPh ottnp Cd PU 0 , reSg is7FteFFrsF:FF

You can see it says "NMI Watchdog detected LOCKUP on CPU 0, registers:"

> [< c0109557>] kernel BUG at printk.c:327!

It may be that if the tasklist is too long, and it runs with interrupts
disabled, that this will trigger the NMI watchdog timer. Since I don't
know anything about the console, I can't help.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger \ "If a man ate a pound of pasta and a pound of antipasto,
\ would they cancel out, leaving him still hungry?" -- Dogbert
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