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SubjectRe: Incoming TCP TOS: A simple question, I would have thought...
> getsockopt(fd, SOL_IP, IP_TOS, ..

Doesn't work. Returns the TOS of outgoing packets, which defaults to 0 even if
there is a TOS set on incoming traffic... that was what I tried in my first
test program.


> cheers,
> lincoln.
> At 03:00 PM 7/03/2001 +1100, David Luyer wrote:
> >I've scrolled through various code in net/ipv4, and I can't see how to query
> >the TOS of an incoming TCP stream (or at the least, the TOS of the SYN which
> >initiated the connection).
> >
> >Someone has sent in a feature request for squid which would require this,
> >presumably so they can set the TOS in their routers and have the squid caches
> >honour the TOS to select performance (via delay pools, multiple parents,
> >different outgoing IP or similar). However I can't see how to get the TOS for
> >a TCP socket out of the kernel short of having an open raw socket watching for
> >SYNs and looking at the TOS on them.
> >
> >Any pointers?
> >
> >David.
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