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SubjectRe: Annoying CD-rom driver error messages
God wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > > this isnt a kernel problem, its a _very_ stupid app
> > > ---
> > > Must be more than one stupid app...
> >
> > Could well be. You have something continually trying to open your cdrom and
> > see if there is media in it
> Gnome / KDE? does exactly that... (rather annoying too) .. what app
> specificaly I don't know...
So I'm still wondering what the "approved and recommended" way for a program
to be "automatically" informed of a CD or floppy change/insertion and be able to
informed of media 'type' w/o kernel warnings/error messages. It sounds like
there is no kernel support for this so far?

Then it seems the less ideal question is what is the "approved and recommended
way for a program to "poll" such devices to check for 'changes' and 'media type'
without the kernel generating spurious WARNINGS/ERRORS?

L A Walsh | Trust Technology, Core Linux, SGI | Voice: (650) 933-5338
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