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SubjectRe: kernel lock contention and scalability
From said:
> Here it is:
> Check out the download section for a 2.4.0 patch.

After having thought about this a bit more, I don't see why pw_post and
pw_wait can't be implemented in userspace as:

int pw_post(uid_t uid)
return(kill(uid, SIGHUP)) /* Or signal of the waiter's choice */

int pw_wait(struct timespec *t)
return(nanosleep(t, t));

In the case of UML, there would be a uid field in its lock structure and the
spin code would look like:

lock->uid = getpid();

and the lock release code would be:


Obviously, sending signals to processes from the outside could massively
confuse matters, but I don't see that being a big problem, since I think you
can do that now, and no one is complaining about it.

Is there anything that I'm missing?


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