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SubjectRe: 2.4.2 cs4232 is not SMP safe
Olaf Hering wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 28, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > But it still jumps into xmon. How can we make that driver SMP safe?
> > > There is no maintainer address in the files.
> >
> > CS4232 has no maintainer. I've had no SMP x86 problems reported with it for
> > a long time but that may be chance
> Well, the alsa driver loads but it can not play sound, all you get is a
> strange noise. The same driver (alsa/kernel) works on a UP ppc machine
> (a B50). I will try to get an UP kernel for that machine, it worked once
> around 2.4.3-pre.
I have been using a Dell SMB dual PII/300 box with cs4232 playing my
in a loop 24x7 for nearly a year without any glitches. I have tried it
with 2.2 kernels and 2.4.0.

The only problem I have had with the box and sound driver was that I
had to set the PCI quirks flag to 1 (thanks to Alan for pointing me to
to keep it from crashing when playing sound and accessing the floppy
(this got QUITE embarassing when I was doing some custom work for some
high-level folks a while back).

However, I have one beef with the driver. Each time it starts a cut,
I get a loud pop from the speaker. This appears to be a startup
transient and is not present on my other sound card in the box,
a SoundBlaster Vibra 16. This pop happens on ANY play application,
playing ANY file (esdplay, play[sox], vplay, xmms, etc.).

Wade Hampton
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