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SubjectProblem with swap on 2.4.x

I've got a linux 2.4 machine acting as a router, with an ATM
(Fore PCA-200E) and two 3c905C nics. This system has been
experiencing kernel panics since it was put in production state.

I've tried several kernels (from 2.4.0-test to 2.4.2-ac21)
with no luck. It always gives the same message (Unable to
dereference null pointer, killing interrupt handler).

The process shown in the crash message changed from time
to time, sometimes it was the atm signaling daemon (atmsigd)
and others the swapper.

Reading the mailing list, I found some reference to the
amount of swap needed with the 2.4 kernel series (2*RAM),
but after increasing the swap area the problem persisted.
At last, I tried increasing the RAM and deactivating the swap,
and it seems that this was the rigth move, as the system has
been working flawlessly afterwards.

I am sorry I dont have the exact kernel panic's messages. I'm
telling this here in case it is of any help.


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