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SubjectRe: RFC: configuring net interfaces

On 29 Mar 2001, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:

> Jeff Garzik <> writes:
> > > Maybe it's a better idea to have just two ioctl's here (GET and SET), and
> > > have "subioctl's" inside the structure passed to the HDLC layer (and
> > > defined by the HDLC layer). This would allow changes in the HDLC layer
> > > without having to change sockios.h (you'd still have to change HDLC's
> > > code and definitions, but this would be more self-contained). Again, this
> > > may be better, or maybe not. What do you think?
> >
> > That's essentially what's happening with ethtool
> > (include/linux/ethtool.h in 2.4.3-pre8)
> Right. While I don't think ethernet-only interface is our ultimate goal,
> I'll look at it again to see if I can stole some idea there.

I'm not suggesting you modify ethtool for your needs :) But ethtool
perfectly illustrates the technique of using a single socket ioctl
(SIOCETHTOOL) to extend a set of standard, domain-specific ioctls
(ETHTOOL_xxx) to Linux networking drivers.


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