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Subjecttulip (was RE: Kernel 2.4.3 fails to compile)
On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Manuel A. McLure wrote:
> It looks like the tulip driver isn't as up-to-date as the one from
> 2.4.2-ac20 - when is 2.4.3-ac1 due? :-) I got NETDEV WATCHDOG errors shortly
> after rebooting with 2.4.3, although these were of the "slow/packet lossy"
> type I got with 2.4.2-ac20 instead of the "network completely unusable" type
> I got with 2.4.2-ac11 and earlier.

I'm betting that the latest ac (ac28?) is broken for you, too.

I had to revert the changes in 'ac' tulip -- they fixed Comet and 21041
cards, but broke some others. sigh.

sigh. More testing and debugging for Jeffro... Comet (your chip, I
am guessing?) should be fixed ASAP, it's pretty easy. 21041 is not as
easy, but should be fixed quickly as well.


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