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SubjectRe: How to compile linux
In <> "Bruno Avila" <> writes:

> I can't find this anywhere. What is the version of the tools to
>compile linux kernel (../Historic)? And where can i find them?

From what I've heard, the earliest versions of Linux were
cross-compiled on a Minix system. I've stored one of Linus' old
postings about the earliest days, and in his famous "Do you pine for
the nice days of minix-1.1, when men were men and wrote their own
device drivers?" message announcing linux is this note:

> ALERT! WARNING! NOTE! These sources still need minix-386 to be
> compiled (and gcc-1.40, possibly 1.37.1, haven't tested), and you need
> minix to set it up if you want to run it, so it is not yet a
> standalone system for those of you without minix.
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