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SubjectRe: The IO problem on multiple PCI busses
Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >No, don't do this, it is evil. Use mappings, specify the device
> >related info somehow when creating the mapping (in the userspace
> >variant you do this by openning a specific device to mmap, in the
> >kernel variant you can encode the bus/dev/etc. info in the device's
> >resource and decode this at ioremap() time, see?).
> Well, except that drivers doing IOs don't ioremap...
> Maybe we could define an ioremap-like function for IOs, but the more

I/O is not supposed to be fast, that's what MMIO is for. :) Just do

void outb (u8 val, u16 addr)
void *addr = ioremap (ISA_IO_BASE + addr);
if (addr) {
writeb (val, addr);
iounmap (addr);

You can map and unmap for each call :) Ugly and slow, but hey, it's

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