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Subject2.4 on COMPQ Proliant

Has anyone experiences with 2.4.x on recent Compaq Proliant Servers (e.g.

I've installed RedHat7 and it worked fine out of the box.
Except that the SMP-enabled kernel stated there was no SMP-board detected
For some reasons (Fibrechannel drivers and so on) I've compiled
2.4.2 and installed it. Although I've compiled the support in, the
NCR-SCSI-chip was not found and therefore no root-partition. It is a model
supported by 53c8xx - detected by the original RedHat-kernel.

For testing I compiled a kernel with all (!) scsi-low-level-drivers -
with the same result. The SMP-board also was NOT detected by 2.4.2.

Any hint?

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