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Subjectquestion on ip_masq_irc.c
Hi all,
I am working on a NAT product and trying provide mIRC support in it. I am looking into ip_masq_irc.c file of Linux 2.2.12 for reference, and have some doubts.
1. In 2.2.12 ip_masq_irc.c, DCC RESUME protocol is not supported. In which patch can I find it?
2. I have pre-patch-2.2.18-5 linux.18p5/net/ipv4/ip_masq_irc.c, which has support for DCC RESUME. Is this the final patch? I have checked with documentation in mIRC help files about DCC RESUME command string. It says the command string in the pay load looks
DCC RESUME filename port position
But, in the above file, the string hunted is

Can anybody please clarify, what exactly should be searched?

thanks in advance

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