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Subject[CFT][PATCH] namespaces - next variant
	Folks, updated namespace patch is on
It took longer than I expected - sorry about that.

* fix for long-standing races between rename() and umount()
* much better scalability for case of multiple namespaces (cost of
traversing mountpoints is nearly constant instead of O(number of
* recursive bind (i.e. bind with submounts - pass MS_BIND|MS_REC in
* sane refcounting for FS_SINGLE filesystems
* fixes for assorted bugs in previous version
* real cleanup of fs/super.c logics. Hell, it's almost documentable
now. Thing separated into namespace.c (vfsmount handling) and
super.c - both became readable.

It seems to be working here, but it obviously needs more testing. Patch
is against 2.4.3-pre8. As far as I'm concerned design-wise it's pretty close
to final - next pieces will go as incremental to it.

I'll start posting documentation when I'll be back from San Jose. Please,
help testing the thing - bug reports are more than welcome.

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