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SubjectRe: RFC: configuring net interfaces
Krzysztof Halasa <> écrit :
> That's a physical interface like V.35 or RS232.


> > * n200, t200 ?
> What's that?

Parameters for retransmission of a trame specified in Q922. t200 is the
timeout value and n200 the maximal number of retransmissions. They can
be negocied and default to t200=1,5s, n200=3.

> > Do we put the crc type here ?
> I don't think so. Frame Relay uses only standard CRC. Correct me if I'm
> wrong.


> > While we're here, could we agree on the notion of raw hdlc, i.e. :
> > - no address, no command. crc present (ARPHRD_RAWHDLC ?);
> > - no address, no command, no crc (ARPHRD_PATHOLOGICHDLC ?).
> Do we really need another ARPHRD for that?
> BTW: What protocol(s) use such CRC-less HDLC?

No protocol I know. Sometime one just want to verify how a driver performs
when he receives badly fscked data. One can live without it.

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