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SubjectRe: linux scheduler limitations?
Hi Mike,

somebody else on the list already pointed me at your stuff and I quickly
downloaded your multiqueue patch for 2.4.1 to try it out.

It works great! I finally manage to have 100% CPU utilization and keep the
machine decently responsive.

On a two 1GHz pentium box i went from 1300 specweb to 1600. That's pretty

There is a bit more overhead though, I'd say arount 5%, when the CPU is not
fully loaded.

What is the status of your code? Is it going to end-up in the mainstream

Do you have a port to the 2.4.2x kernels?

In my enthousiasm I tried to port the patch to 2.4.2-ac26 but I broke
something and it didn't work anymore... :)

I havent't tried the pooling patch yet, it didn't seem to make much sense on a
2-way box. I have an 8-way on which I'm planning to bench my web server
enhancements, I'll try the pooling stuff on it.

BTW: interested in the fastest linux web server?

BTW2: what about the HP scheduler patches?

Thanks, ciao,

- Fabio

Mike Kravetz wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 01:55:11PM -0800, Fabio Riccardi wrote:
> > I'm using 2.4.2-ac26, but I've noticed the same behavior with all the 2.4
> > kernels I've seen so far.
> >
> > I haven't even tried on 2.2
> >
> > - Fabio
> Fabio,
> Just for fun, you might want to try out some of our scheduler patches
> located at:
> I would be interested in your observations.
> --
> Mike Kravetz
> IBM Linux Technology Center

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