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SubjectRe: opl3sa2 in 2.4.2 on Toshiba Tecra 8000

> > Hm, OK, then never mind. :) I don't have an opl3sa2 here to test
> > how well the current driver works.
> I have the feeling that there is going something wrong with the parameters.
> I modified the opl3sa2 driver and manually set the hw_config->io_base
> variable to 0x538 and now THIS part of the sound card initialization is
> working. But now it says that there is an I/O conflict with MSS. Maybe this
> parameter is also 0x0 and not 0x530 as I specified with the mss_io
> parameter... I will investigate further...

Hm... I found this somewhere near line 920 in opl3sa2.c. I am not a kernel
hacker and this is first time I took a look into a kernel source code but
this first "if" statement is not looking right to me. The initialization of
the cfg[card] struct is what I need to be executed, but it is never executed
because the variable "io" is never -1. I have removed the io == -1 condition
from the first if-statement and now the driver is working. But it's still not
the same quality as the one in kernel 2.2.17: I have no access to the mixer
settings "bass" and "treble". But better than nothing and better than the
8Bit-Soundblaster emulation. I hope this is working better in the next

if(!isapnp && io == -1 ) {
if(io == -1 || irq == -1 || dma == -1 ||
dma2 == -1 || mss_io == -1) {
"opl3sa2: io, mss_io, irq, dma, [...]
return -EINVAL;

cfg[card].io_base = io;
cfg[card].irq = 0;
cfg[card].dma = -1;
cfg[card].dma2 = -1;

Bye, K
[a735 47ec d87b 1f15 c1e9 53d3 aa03 6173 a723 e391]
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