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SubjectRe: Linux connectivity trashed.

I assume that it is ok to sue any company that forwards viruses too...
(not only the author...)

Are Raytheon suing the company were you work, or some
unknown/unnamed company made up by Microsoft?
(you were not specific about this)


On Thursday 29 March 2001 15:34, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> This is for information only.
> Last week a standard RH distribution of Linux was rooted from what looks
> like a Russian invasion. The penetration used the method taught in the CERT
> Advisory CA-2000-17.
> The intruder(s) then attempted to perform additional penetrations from
> this site. One of the sites attacked was alleged to be Raytheon. Raytheon
> makes products for national security such as guided missiles.
> I was told that Raytheon is now suing this company. Therefore all Linux
> machines
> are being denied access to the Internet.

> The penetration occurred because somebody changed our firewall
> configuration
> so that all of the non-DHCP addresses, i.e., all the real IP addresses had
> complete
> connectivity to the outside world. This meant that every Linux and Sun
> Workstation
> in this facility was exposed to tampering from anywhere in the world. This
> appears
> to be part of a plan to remove all non-DHCP machines by getting them
> trashed.
> In other words, we were set up to take a hard fall because no machine that
> allows
> NFS mounts can be safely exposed to the outside world without blocking
> portmap.
> There is a concerted effort to eliminate both Sun Workstations and Linux
> machines
> as tools in this facility. This happens as the "yuppies", who have never,
> ever, contributed
> to product development are Peter-Principled into positions of authority.
> The email addresses of those who have declared that only Windows machines
> will
> be allowed access to the outside world are:
> Thor T. Wallace
> David Pothier
> David Pothier was a beta tester for Windows/NT. Of course he wants all
> machines to
> be Windows and, naturally, under his control.
> Thor Wallace is our new "security" administrator so I am told.
> The only Linux advocate in a position of authority is:
> Alex Shekhel
> So, now I hooked up my lap-top, installed Windows.... and here I am.
> Only windows
> machines are allowed to access the outside world.
> Cheers,
> Richard B. Johnson
> Formally
> -
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Roger Larsson
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