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SubjectRe: rate limiting error messages
Eli Carter wrote:
> Can someone point me to a "standard way" of doing rate limiting of error
> messages in the kernel?
> TIA,
> Eli
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> Eli Carter | the solution of a problem, it always
> eli.carter(at) `------------------ helps if you know the answer.

Here is how it is done in IA-64 kernel:

static int
within_logging_rate_limit (void)
static unsigned long count, last_time;

if (count > 5 && jiffies - last_time > 5*HZ)
count = 0;
if (++count < 5) {
last_time = jiffies;
return 1;
return 0;


If this fundction returns 0, error messages have been rate limited. This
code is not MP-safe. So, if you need your code to be MP-safe, you may
need to rewrite it somewhat.


Khalid Aziz Linux Development Laboratory
(970)898-9214 Hewlett-Packard Fort Collins, CO
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