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SubjectRe: Hangs under 2.4.2-ac{18,19,24} that do not happen under -ac12.
> I have had hangs under 2.4.2-ac18, -ac19, and -ac24, after uptimes of
> 36 hours, 12 hours, and 10 hours, respectively. -ac12 has twice run
> for a week without crashing. I didn't see anything in the later -ac
> changelogs that looks responsible, but I haven't actually tried them.

Was anything between 12 and 18 stable ?

> A few lines earlier in this function, inode->i_op->truncate() is called
> without lock_kernel(). Should it also have a lock_kernel(), or is it not
> needed there?

Absolutely correct. The lock is missing. Bizarrely Al Viro just noticed this
about 15 minutes ago

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