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Subject2.4.2 Patch for missing "proc_get_inode" symbol in comx driver

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I didn't see this in the
release notes for the latest ac drivers.

I tried to build the comx driver in the 2.4.2 kernel, but got unresolved
external "proc_get_inode" when I attempted to load the module. Looks
like all that is missing is an EXPORT_SYMBOL entry in procfs_syms.c

Is there some reason why this function is not being exported or is it
just an error?

Here's the patch if anyone is interested.

*** linux-2.4.2.orig/fs/proc/procfs_syms.c Mon Sep 11 08:41:07 2000
--- linux/fs/proc/procfs_syms.c Wed Mar 28 11:48:17 2001
*** 19,24 ****
--- 19,25 ----
+ EXPORT_SYMBOL(proc_get_inode);

static DECLARE_FSTYPE(proc_fs_type, "proc", proc_read_super,

Jeff Golds
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