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SubjectRe: mouse problems in 2.4.2 -> lost byte

>So you recommend to connect the mouse to USB (instead of psaux) because
>psaux+Xfree86 are losing bytes under circumstances (e.g. some load
>This is a fine solution for users with dual protocol mice, but doesn't
>resolve the problem for other poor ps/2 mouse owners !

You misunderstood me. For 2.4.X it is:

Real PS/2 mouse -> /dev/psaux -> PS/2 protocol -> X server

All mice using /dev/input/mice -> PS/2 protocol -> X server

Yes mice. I have had 5 mice attached and going to the X server. It was no
problem. Multiple keyboards, well that is another story :-( It doesn't
matter to the X server if two different devices are sending the same
protocol. Since the protocol is coming in from two different devices theri
is no conflict. I believe we was having problems with another type of

>Even with PS/2 mouse support in the "new input" driver I wouldn't expect
>the psaux-byte-lost bug to disappear magically.

I see Vojtech has answered this already.

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