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SubjectRe: mouse problems in 2.4.2 -> lost byte

>> The new input psmouse driver can resync when bytes are lost and also
>> shouldn't lose any bytes if there are not transmission problems on the
>> wire. But this is 2.5 stuff.
>umm linux kernel 2.5? Umm, given that a stable linux 2.6/3.0 might be
>years away ... and this seems 'minor', wouldn't it be better to
>submit this as a teeny-weeny new kind of mouse device driver as a 2.4.x
>patch? e.g. CONFIG_MOUSE_PSAUX_SUPERSYNC or something? I mean this
>cant be more than a few hundred lines of code? Requireing no other
>changes to the kernel?

Its more than a few hundred lines. Mind you it wouldn't be hard to patch
2.4.X to use the new PS/2 drivers but it is a pretty big change. I
seriously don't it would go in. Your welcomed to try out these drivers. I
have personally been using these new PS/2 drivers for several months now
with now problems. In fact this driver can trick my i8042 chipset to allow
me to plug two PS/2 keyboards in :-)

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renders the sufferer barely able to perform the simplest task. 2. A disease.

James Simmons [] ____/|
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