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SubjectRe: [PATCH] OOM handling
On Sun, Mar 25, 2001 at 09:13:20PM -0500, Matthew Chappee wrote:
> The point being, my database shouldn't be selected for
> termination. Nobody ever got fired for kill -9'ing netscape,
> but Oracle is a different story. I urge you, consider the
> patch.

No, you got fired for not setting ulimits. Your boss is right

ulimit -d 65536
ulimit -v 81920

and my netscape is very happy most of the time.

And my system is not disturbed.

64MB RAM + 256MB swap.

In a school I had the same setup on a 256MB server (256MB swap)
serving apps (StarOffice and Netscape) to ~16 X clients.

I never had OOM there.

I think this is the amount of memory an oracle server at least
have to have, right?

What are your ulimits? What are your amounts of RAM+SWAP?


Ingo Oeser
10.+11.03.2001 - 3. Chemnitzer LinuxTag <>
<<<<<<<<<<<< been there and had much fun >>>>>>>>>>>>
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