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    SubjectRe: via-rhine driver: wicked 2005 problem
    On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 09:08:46AM +0200, Manfred Spraul wrote:
    > > [Kernel 2.4.2,
    > the -ac kernels contain a patch that automatically resets the nic if it
    > dies. I've attached my old patch, it applies to 2.4.2.

    Your patch works fine for resetting the NIC. There are some a one or two
    log messages coming up, but the transfer continues after a small delay.

    It doesn't solve the (less urgent) problem of not being able the use the
    NIC after a warm boot in M$ Windows. As I said, pulling the power cord from
    the ATX power supply and reinserting it, makes it go away.

    > > I tried the diagnostic utilities from Donald Becker at,
    > > but I don't know what I should be looking for. The text output
    > > seems ok to me.
    > >
    > Could you post the output?
    > And a few more lines from your kernel log.

    It's rather much to post the the mailing list, I think, so I've put it online
    at []. If you prefer
    otherwise, just tell me. I can always send a tarball of the logs.

    Some explanation of the logs:

    report: script for creating the device status dumps
    hang/: about the "timed out" problem receiving much data
    242/: using the default module from 2.4.2 release
    before/: device status before the lock, while NIC works well
    after/: device status after the lock, during timeout messages
    242patch/: using the patched version
    before/: device status before the timeout or wicked messages
    after/: device status afterwards (NIC keeps working fine)
    windoze:/ about the warm-boot-after-windoze problem
    winboot/: device info booting after warm boot (problem case)
    coldboot/: device info booting after total cold boot (no problem)

    Thanks a lot for the patch.


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