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    SubjectIDE drive status error 0x058 under load
    Hey. Using Kernel 2.2.18 + E-IDE patches Rev 6.30 + Raid patches

    Putting together a fileserver setup with two mirrored FSs over four
    disks & two IDE controllers (ie each disk on controller 1 is mirrored to
    a second on Controller 2, using raid 1).

    No problems accessing disks separately, can create FS on each Ok with
    out errors. Can build each raid pair separately with no errors.

    But when attempting to build raid devices on all four disks at the same
    time get many of these

    Mar 22 15:41:11 uther kernel: hdk: status error: status=0x58 {
    DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest }
    Mar 22 15:41:11 uther kernel: hdk: drive not ready for command

    .. from all four disks. Also get these when attempting mke2fs on all
    disks at the same time (no raid).

    Im guessing (probably incorrectly) that this is a warning message only &
    that I can ignore them; can anyone confirm / deny that for me? Got a bit
    out of my depth with this..

    Hardware is
    ABit VP6 M/B, 2x1Ghz PIII, 512MB
    2x Promise ultra100 PCI IDE controllers with 4x IBM-DTLA-307075 73Gb Drives
    3Com 3C980 NIC
    5th IBM-DTLA-307075 as root disk (no mirror), on M/B IDE controller.
    Onboard 'raid' controler disabled in bios.

    Software is
    RedHat 7.01 distribution
    Kernel 2.2.18 + E-IDE patches Rev 6.30 + Raid patches
    (also tried with 2.4.2 + E-IDE patches Rev 6.31, same problem)

    ... let me know if there is any other info I can give you. Thanx,


    Nick Clark is now --> <-- Thanking you.

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