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SubjectRe: /linuxrc query
Date said:
> Also as a note, what we are doing is keeping our rootfs on flash as a
> tar.gz and reading it and mounting it on a ramfs in the /linuxrc
> before doing a pivot_root. To summarize, pivot_root has been a life
> saver as the earlier real_root_dev might not have been useful in this
> case. Not using the ramfs limits for now, will do soon.

If you're concerned about memory usage - why untar the whole of your root
filesystem into a ramfs? My preferred solution is to just mount the root
filesystem directly from the flash as cramfs (or JFFS2), with symlinks into a
ramfs for appropriate parts like /tmp and /var.

I suppose the best option is actually to union-mount the ramfs over the
root, rather than mucking about with symlinks. I just haven't got round to
doing that yet.


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