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SubjectRe: regression testing
Jonathan Morton <> said:
> >- automated heavy stress testing

> This would be an interesting one to me, from a benchmarking POV. I'd like
> to know what my hardware can really do, for one thing - it's all very well
> saying this box can do X Whetstones and has a 100Mbit NIC, but it's a much
> more solid thing to be able to say "my box handled the official Foobar
> stress-test in Y hours, handling Z widgets per second".

Which would tell you exactly that, nothing more and nothing less. No idea
how many users it would support reading mail via IMAP, if playing Quake on
it is doable, or whether it is a good idea to use it as a firewall or
development machine. Computer systems are very complex, their uses much
more so (and extremely varied to boot); to believe some number (or even a
small set of numbers) will tell you everything there is to know about a
particular box is just an illusion. And a box rarely stands in isolation.
Dr. Horst H. von Brand
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