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SubjectPATCH: fix comments in <linux/timer.h>
Micro patchlet :-)
In wandering around the kernel recently, I found that <linux/timer.h>
contains stale comments at the head of the file relating to the old static
timers which were deleted for 2.4.
So, here's a trivial patch to try to bring things back in sync.



--- timer.h.2.4.2 Fri Mar 23 13:57:51 2001
+++ timer.h Fri Mar 23 14:07:00 2001
@@ -5,17 +5,13 @@
#include <linux/list.h>

- * This is completely separate from the above, and is the
- * "new and improved" way of handling timers more dynamically.
- * Hopefully efficient and general enough for most things.
+ * In Linux 2.4, static timers have been removed from the kernel.
+ * Timers may be dynamically created and destroyed, and should be initialized
+ * by a call to init_timer() upon creation.
- * The "hardcoded" timers above are still useful for well-
- * defined problems, but the timer-list is probably better
- * when you need multiple outstanding timers or similar.
- *
- * The "data" field is in case you want to use the same
- * timeout function for several timeouts. You can use this
- * to distinguish between the different invocations.
+ * The "data" field enables use of a common timeout function for several
+ * timeouts. You can use this field to distinguish between the different
+ * invocations.
struct timer_list {
struct list_head list;

Tim Wright - or or
IBM Linux Technology Center, Beaverton, Oregon
Interested in Linux scalability ? Look at
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