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SubjectRe: /linuxrc query

Thanks for the response. PSB,

Werner Almesberger wrote:

> Amit D Chaudhary wrote:
> No, you would continue using the file descriptors which are already
> open, i.e. on /dev/console on the old root.
So, makes sense. And the child process that follow will use now the new fd's.

>> Also, why chroot, why not call init directly?
> To make sure the root of the current process is indeed changed.
> pivot_root currently forces a chroot on all processes (except the
> ones that have explicitly moved out of /) in order to move all the
> kernel threads too, but this is not a nice solution. Once a better
> solution is implemented for the kernel threads, we might drop the
> forced chroot, and then the explicit chroot here becomes important.
So, it is not a requirement currently but it is useful to have the script not
dependent on the current pivot_root implementation.

> You can run them later, e.g. /etc/rc.d/rc.local
> Or, if you needs the space immediately, make "what-follows" a
> script than first frees them, and then exec's init.
Sure will put in a script that does it. I had left it in /linuxrc as I thought
that's what initrd.txt suggested one to do. But other information in the
initrd.txt mentions otherwise, hence the query here.

I am assuming umount and thereby blockdev after pivot_script and before "chroot
. init ..." don't make sense as files(dev/console among others) are\might still
be in use.

Best Regards

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