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SubjectRe: Only 10 MB/sec with via 82c686b chipset?
> Duh, before making such a claim you should consider the fact that
> this is overclocking your PCI/AGP bus and I have yet to see any
> graphic cards/IDE controllers/other devices which are rated for
> 37MHz PCI bus speed.

The "blue and white" PowerMac G3 and certain early PowerMac G4s used a
66MHz PCI card for graphics in lieu of proper AGP. 66MHz PCI is used in
certain high-end workstations, as well, but it's not normally found on
consumer-level devices.

Look at 'lspci -vvv' output for the "66MHz" flag on the devices listed
there - all the ones in my Duron system leave it unset, except for my (very
recent and pretty nippy) SCSI controller and (AGP) video card.

That said, *most* PCI devices don't like being overclocked, and it's not
well known that pushing the system bus also pushes the PCI and ISA buses in
the same manner. A friend of mine had *severe* locking problems with his
system when he inserted his cheap SCSI adapter into his overclocked
machine, even though the other cards handled it OK (relatively speaking -
I'm not convinced). I don't know how far he'd overclocked it, but 37MHz
kinda rings true.

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