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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Prevent OOM from killing init
Leif Sawyer <> writes:
> What happens when init is not pid == 1, as is often the case
> during installs, booting off of cdrom, etc..

Well, after spending hours scrutinizing Patrick's one-line patch, I'll
guess that, in these cases, the patch does not prevent init from being
killed by an OOM error. But, I'll bet that was a rhetorical question.

In any event, whatever process has pid == 1, it can't voluntarily exit
without a panic, and it's the reaper of all orphaned children, so it
makes sense not to kill it. As Eli points out, the patch is cleaner
if rewritten:

--- xxx/linux-2.4.3-pre6/mm/oom_kill.c Tue Nov 14 13:56:46 2000
+++ linux-2.4.3-pre6/mm/oom_kill.c Wed Mar 21 15:25:03 2001
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@

for_each_task(p) {
- if (p->pid) {
+ if (p->pid > 1) {
int points = badness(p);
if (points > maxpoints) {
chosen = p;
since no valid pid is ever negative.

I don't see a valid reason for *not* making this change, but I'm
batting zero for two on my last two patch submissions, so I've
probably missed something.

Kevin <>
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